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New Orleans Square
Secrets & Facts

Disneyland Railroad Secrets - New Orleans Square

Haunted Mansion Secrets and Facts

  • The ride portion of the Haunted Mansion actually is outside the Disneyland park. You unknowingly leave the boundaries of the park after taking the elevator down (the stretching room) and walking to the Doom Buggies. (Robyn Mackay)
  • Thurl Ravenscroft, in addition to providing the voice of the announcer of the Disneyland Railroad, the captain of the "Mark Twain," and uncountable pirates in our favorite pirate ride, is the low-voiced lead in the quintet of ghostly busts towards the end of the Haunted Mansion. The quintet is the "Mellow-Men" that worked for Disney on numerous occations. Ravenscroft was also the voice of Tony the Tiger. (Robyn Mackay)
  • While riding in your Doom Buggie in the Haunted Mansion, look for a spider
    in front of you when overlooking the dining hall. The glass in front of you used to project the apparitions was actually shattered by a Disneyland visitor with an air-pistol. To replace the glass would have been too expensive (the entire ceiling would have to be removed), so the imaginative Imagineers placed a spider on the spot complete with web to hide the shattered glass. (Robyn Mackay)

Pirates of the Caribbean Secrets and Facts

  • Pirates of the Carribean was the last ride Walt Disney worked on. He died while the ride was being constructed. (Robyn Mackay)
  • Some of the audio-animatronics in Pirates of the Caribbean were modeled after Disney Imagineers, the artists and engineers who create Disney attractions.
  • The fireflies that flit among the trees in the blue bayou are actually tiny blinking LED lights at the end of very thin string or wire that can be blown about.

The Disney Gallery Secrets and Facts

  • When entering the Disney Gallery, ask one of the cast members to take the behind the scenes tour of the Gallery. During this tour, you will see numerous secrets including an actual walk through the unfinished apartment, the secret to the way the Disneyland buildings are built, the private office of the person in charge of Disney Marketing, and the outside courtyard that Walt built for his wife that he later had to add out-door heaters to keep her warm. You will also be shown the back entrance to the legendary "Club 33" private club. (The other doorway to the exclusive club can be located on the street near the Blue Bayou by looking for an "address" sign that reads "33" in slighty more fancy numbering than the other address on the street.) (Robyn Mackay)

Club 33 Secrets and Facts

Club 33 at Disneyland offers lucky members unique dining experience

  • The legendary "Club 33" is the only place in Disneyland that provides guests with alcoholic beverages. (Robyn Mackay)
  • Though private and very exclusive, "Club 33" did offer occasional items for the members to take or purchase. As a result, there are a number of "Club 33" items on sale on internet auction site eBay. Items such as limited edition pins, special dinner plates, and matchbooks (the matches were later removed and replaced with tissue paper) can be found by the everyday collector. (Robyn Mackay)
  • Club 33 members and their guests get free entrance to Disneyland so long as they have a meal at Club 33 on the day of their visit. (John Wickert)
  • Members of Club 33 used to have the privilege of riding in Walt's private car of the Railroad before it was retired from use (Jonny Woodruff).
  • There is a Table in Club 33 that was a prop in "Mary Poppins" (Jonny Woodruff).
  • There is a phone booth in Club 33 that was a prop in "The Happiest Millionaire" (Jonny Woodruff).
  • The back entrance to Club 33 can also be reached through "The Court of Angels" (Jonny Woodruff).
  • Club 33 is the only place in Disneyland where you can get 2 ply toilet paper.
  • The paper towels have imprinted on them the "Club 33" logo in gold.

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