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Main Street, U.S.A.
Secrets & Facts

General Main Street USA Secrets and Facts

  • The buildings of Main Street, USA, were built with one idea in mind: leaving the park. All the buildings on Main Street were built using an optical illusion that utilizes making one end of a building slightly shorter than the other end. By using this method of construction, Disneyland created an effect that you don't notice until your tired family leaves the park. The next time you enter Disneyland, make note of the distance that it appears you have to travel to get to the "Partners" statue. Then look at the exit of the park from the statue. That's correct. The distance appears to be shorter entering the park than exiting. The intention was to keep guests from wanting to take the long walk out. Try this the next time you are there. (Robyn Mackay)

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  • The Main Street Firehouse with Walt Disney's apartment on the second floor was the first completed building in the park.(Jonny Woodruff).
  • Most of the items in Walt Disney's apartment on Main Street in Disneyland are original from when he used it. Some items including the carpet had to be replaced to water damage from a roof leak (Jonny Woodruff).
  • The Indian statue on Main Street has a twin and had a purpose! At one point he stood in front of the tobacconist shop on Main Street. His twin is in Frontierland was in front is the general store which is now the candy shop.

Disneyland Railroad Secrets and Facts

  • Early Disney designs for the park, in the 1940's, included the fabled Disneyland Railroad. The park is rumored to be built around the central theme of a railroad running through the park. (Robyn Mackay)

The Walt Disney Story, featuring "Great Moments With Mr. Lincoln" Secrets and Facts

  • The new "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" show opened in 2001 and features binaural 3-D audio technology. The headphones simulate sound that is recorded as the human ear hears it, creating very realistic sound effects.
  • This attraction is on break for Disneyland's 50th anniversary celebration in 2005 and 2006. The Main Street Opera House now houses a 50-year retrospective on Disneyland with photos, artifacts, models, and a film hosted by comedian Steve Martin.

Main Street Cinema Secrets and Facts

  • Steamboat Willie was Mickey Mouse's first cartoon!

Disneyland Fire Engine Secrets and Facts

  • Walt Disney's only finished apartment in Disneyland was above the fire house on Main Street. Cast members used to be alerted that Walt was in the park when the light was on in the upstairs window. The light was turned off when he was not in the park. The light now stays on continuously as a tribute to Mr. Disney. (Robyn Mackay)

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