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Adventureland Secrets & Facts

Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room Secrets and Facts

  • The Enchanted Tiki Room was the first show to utilize Audio-Animatronics.
  • Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room was originally designed to be a restaurant; that is why there are restrooms in the attraction.
  • Walt Disney's Enchanted Tiki Room closed in 2004 for a major refurbishment and reopened in 2005 with a completely renovated building and cleaned-up Audio-Animatronics, lighting, and sound system.

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Jungle Cruise Secrets and Facts

  • Skippers on the Jungle Cruise did not originally tell jokes. It was only after Walt Disney overheard some people saying they could skip the attraction because they had seen it before already that he realized the attraction needed something that could be refreshed and new each time, hence the jokes.

Indiana Jones Adventure Secrets and Facts

  • The storyline for the Indiana Jones Adventure: Temple of the Forbidden Eye revolves around the ancient temple deity, Mara, who would look into the souls of visitors and grant one of three treasures: glittering gold, eternal youth, and knowledge of the future. Legend has it that visitors cannot look into the eyes of Mara; should anyone look into the eyes of Mara, they are sent through the "Gates of Doom."
  • Disney Imagineers created a new written language called "Marabic" for the Indiana Jones Adventure. When the attraction first opened, and for some time after, a cast member at the Indiana Jones Adventure would hand out Marabic decoder cards so guests could translate what is written on the walls inside the temple.
  • Though there appears to be three seperate tracks that you may get to take on the Indiana Jones Adventure, this is another Disney illusion. The three doors actually move throughout the day and the cars always travel on the same track. It's not luck to get the middle track. (Robyn Mackay)
  • The doors do not move. The walls move, in-between every group of riders. There is only one real door with four fake ones, two on each side. The walls move to show only three doors at a time, sometimes the real door appears to be in the middle, soemtimes on the left or right. The lighting of the doors and inside the chamber is changed to match the "theme" of the chamber you are supposed to be entering. (ZJosh)
  • Another "secret" in the Indiana Jones Adventure - Temple of the Forbidden Eye is that near the end of the attraction the vehicle appears to move backwards. Really, the walls are moving forward. It is easy to see this if you turn around and look backwards during this portion of the attraction. (ZJosh)
  • The Indiana Jones Adventure at Disneyland is built where the Eeyore section of the Disneyland parking lot used to be located, so there are two Eeyores signs in the movie room and one on the actual ride (waveslave).
  • There is a skeleton in the skeleton room wearing Mickey Mouse ears and a Mickey Mouse watch. He is known as "Bones," and the name is actually embroidered on the Mickey Mouse hat (Jonny Woodruff).

Tarzan's Treehouse Secrets and Facts

  • Tarzan's Treehouse was transformed from the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.
  • The "Swisska-polka" that used to play when this attraction was the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse can still be heard today in Tarzan's Treehouse.

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