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The Disneyland Report > Disneyland News > Disneyland recommissions submarines for upcoming opening of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

Disneyland News

Disneyland recommissions submarines for upcoming opening of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage

In preparation for the opening of E-ticket attraction Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage next month, Disneyland recently hosted a recommissioning of its famed submarine fleet, which was called the eighth-largest collection of submarines in the world when it debuted in 1959.

The construction walls around the Submarine Lagoon in Tomorrowland finally came down last week, and Disneyland hosted a special ceremony to commemorate its lineup of submarines and to generate excitement for Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, which brings back a classic Disneyland attraction with all new scenes and storyline involving characters from Disney and Pixar's 2003 hit, "Finding Nemo."

The rechristening ceremony was held before park opening. Disneyland Resort President Ed Grier was on hand, as were famed Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter, Disneyland Ambassador Garnett Schoonover, and Vice Admiral John Morgan Jr., deputy chief of naval operations for information, plans, and strategy for the United States Navy. The ceremony was rounded out with the crew of cast members that will lead guests on fantastic underwater journeys on Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage.

Vice Admiral John Morgan Jr. of the U.S. Navy speaks on the stage in front of the Submarine Lagoon for a special dedication ceremony as the construction walls come down around the upcoming Tomorrowland attraction. At left is Disneyland Resort President Ed Grier and to the right is Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter, who helped design the attraction.

Disneyland Ambassador Garnett Schoonover, left, Disneyland Resort President Ed Grier, Disney Imagineer Tony Baxter, and Vice Admiral John Morgan Jr. salute the color guard from the U.S. Navy at the dedication ceremony for the Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage at Disneyland.

The ceremony honors the Disneyland cast members who will soon take guests on the undersea tour of Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage. Note the cast members' new costumes of blue, white, and clownfish orange for the attraction.

At the conclusion of the submarine recommissioning ceremony, Donald Duck unveils the new countdown clock that will indicate the days left until Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage opens. In the back, fireworks are launched off the new show building for the attraction.

The Submarine Voyage originally opened along with the Matterhorn Bobsleds and the Disneyland Monorail in 1959. The attraction closed in the fall of 1998.

In 2005, at the premiere of Turtle Talk with Crush at Disney's California Adventure and for Disneyland's 50th anniversary celebration, Disneyland announced that the submarines would be returning in 2007.

Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage officially opens at Disneyland on June 11.

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Source: Disneyland Resort

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