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The Disneyland Report > Disney News > Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean fans invited to search for treasure

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Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean fans invited to search for $50,000 in treasure with Volvo

Ahoy, mateys! There be dubloons hidden...

Car company Volvo, which has teamed with Disney in the past to promote the Pirates of the Caribbean films, has announced that it has hidden a chest with $50,000 worth of treasure inside somewhere in the world.

The promotion is tied with the release of Disney's highly anticipated film, "Pirates of the Caribbean - At World's End," the third installment of the wildly popular "Pirates of the Caribbean" trilogy from Walt Disney Pictures.

Fans are invited to look for the treasure - which includes the keys to a new Volvo XC90 - through an online treasure hunt starting May 4.

The promotion is similar to one from last summer, when Volvo and Disney teamed up to offer a treasure hunt for a buried Volvo XC90 V8. This year, the treasure is bigger and better than ever.

"Yes, we really did sink a treasure chest to the ocean floor filled with gold and the key to a new Volvo. It's sitting there right now just waiting to be found," said a Volvo executive.

More information about the Pirates of the Caribbean-themed treasure hunt will be released May 3, the day before the contest begins.

Those interested in participating in the contest should visit

Walt Disney Pictures' "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" is the thrilling sequel to the earlier "Pirates of the Caribbean" films "Curse of the Black Pearl" and "Dead Man's Chest."

Starring Johnny Depp, Keira Knightly, Orlando Bloom, Geoffrey Rush, and Chow Yun Fat, "At World's End" will have its world premiere at Disneyland on May 19 and enter wide release nationwide on May 25.

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