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The Disneyland Report > Disneyland Rumors > A new Star Tours ride film?

Disneyland Rumors

A new Star Tours ride film?

Rumor has it that Disney Imagineers want to create a new ride film for the popular Tomorrowland attraction Star Tours, based on the Star Wars trilogy from director George Lucas.

Disney and Star Wars fans have long clamored for an update to the original Star Tours attraction, which features an adventure to the moon of Endor that ultimately takes a strange turn toward danger.

Especially after the new Star Wars "prequel" films began to be released (and with Star Wars: The Phantom Menace featuring an exciting "pod racing" scene that is fast-paced and well-suited for a simulator ride), people have talked about the possibility of updating the Star Tours ride film at Disneyland. The nature of the simulator ride also makes it easy to install a new film.

However, for many years, Star Tours at Disneyland (as well as Star Tours at Disney-MGM Studios at Walt Disney World) has had the same ride film. Budgetary and agreement problems have presented the Disney theme parks from putting in a new Star Tours experience, although Star Wars director George Lucas has been eager to create a new film for the Tomorrowland simulator ride to promote his new Star Wars films.

Prior to the release of Star Wars III: The Revenge of the Sith, George Lucas announced his intention to create a new film for the aging Disneyland ride. But there were rumors that George Lucas and then Disney CEO Michael Eisner did not see eye to eye on things, and Lucas would not update Star Tours without the proper funding. With new Walt Disney Company President Bob Iger now at the helm, a new Star Tours film featuring a pod race scene is now much more possible.

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